Filitaly promise for the future

An harmonious change

Quality, research, sustainability and tradition are the founding values of the Filitaly-Lab collection.
Our aim is to provide the fashion world with an opportunity for innovation through original and diversified yarns.

Alpaca is at the core of all our collections. Filitaly Lab’s DNA is a combination of refined and unique yarns backed by Italian’s expertise of highly skilled craftsmanship, a response to an increasingly discerning and sophisticated market.

The concept of elegance has undoubtedly changed in the latest months while aesthetic canons are shifting: softness, elasticity, and freedom of movement are the essential elements for materials in this new

Even human skin provides inspiration: melanin is playing a leading role in a world that is heading towards equality and acceptance, while always encouraging individuality.

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Here is our promise for the future: to fuse worlds of colors and suggestions in order to bring forward a harmonious way for humans to relate to the world of nature and the new virtual worlds
Nature, which represents our innermost soul, offers a range of soft hues with a wild and indigenous essence that we have done our best to preserve.

Our collections are accentuated by the freedom of unexpected juxtapositions between different colors: on the one hand, airy, muted tones; on the other, impactful and bright hues.