A journey to the origins of the world

Earth, Air, Water, Fire: the four elements are the inspiration for the new AW 22/23 collection by Filitaly-Lab. A journey to the origins of the world to recover the essence of material, interpreted in a contemporary way.

Alpaca is always at the centre of the collection, given the DNA of Filitaly-Lab. However, the fiber becomes ductile, reaches new consistencies, and is mixed with other materials to meet the comfort needs of this new era.

To be leaders at this moment of transition, it’s essential to go back to the origins, starting from the essential elements, and giving space to a different, more original creativity.

The concept of elegance has undoubtedly changed in recent months, the aesthetic canons are changing: softness, elasticity, and freedom of movement are the essential passport for materials in this new era.

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Colours become key given that they are destined to make each look recognizable. The colour chart proposed in the various items is always wide-ranging and well-finished. Soft, but also bold colours meet different needs and make each outfit unique.

The AW 22/23 collection is a journey through the four fundamental elements of cosmogony, and is also a tribute to the planet and an appeal for respect for all that’s essential. It’s only in this way that we can head towards the future.