Filitaly-Lab is a company founded in 2008, whose founding members have thirty years of experience in the production of yarns for knitting, weaving and handicraft supplies.

In-depth knowledge of these fibers and solid relationships with the direct supply channels in the countries of origin enables Filitaly-Lab to be one of the leading European companies in the production of Alpaca. They are also an important partner with international brands, making quality and transparency their strengths.

Filitaly-Lab Company

The company continues the legacy of the founder, Franco Tuci, treasuring his love for exquisite materials that he has always brilliantly interpreted in his creation of products. That has become part of the company’s DNA: always being committed to investing in order to have the most modern equipment available.

Filitaly-Lab uses innovative machinery to create classic and patterned yarns characterized by the utmost lightness and softness.


Located within the Prato district, Filitaly-Lab has production facilities that transform fiber into yarn, directly controlling the entire production process.

Customization, product quality, and speedy production are some of the strengths of the company, offering customers a qualified staff with specialized know-how.

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